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Neighbourhood Watch

Police Safer Community Team

Our PCSO is Kev Thompson who can be contacted by ringing 101 extension 77 8147 or mobile 0755 777 8147.

Information on the work of the Safer Community Team can be found on their website and you can always contact them by e-mail at

Anyone noticing suspicious or anti-social behaviour should call Northamptonshire Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.  Please provide as much information as possible (e.g. registration number of vehicle, description and number of occupants etc). The sooner the police have the information, the quicker they can respond.  Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Our Co-ordinator is David Stoddart and he can be contacted on 01327 842167.

Theft of lead from church roof

As we all know, Brington Church was recently the victim of a serious theft of lead stripped from the roof.  As Jon mentions in this month's Newsletter (see also here) it's suspected that thieves may have used a drone to survey the roof in advance.  A Whilton resident recently saw a couple of motorised hang gliders paying rather close attention to St Andrew's and, although it may be entirely innocent, we must be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the police (contact details).

A Police warning on rural crime - horses and outbuildings (Nov 2014)

For information regarding a recent spate of tack thefts and other rural crimes, please click here.

Checking vehicle registration details

You can now find out if that car parked on a street near you for days on end is actually taxed and has a current M.O.T. certificate.  Click here to check as many cars as you want.  It will tell you when the vehicle is taxed to and when the M.O.T. expires.  If its tax has expired by two months or more you can contact ELVIS (End of Life Vehicle Impound Scheme) by phoning 101 - when it asks for the department say Elvis and it will connect you.  They’ll then arrange for it to be removed through the Council’s Environmental Protection team. 

Phone scam to get PIN's

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of incidents where elderly people have been tricked by con artists into giving away their bank details, in one case the victim handed over £3,000.

In a number of instances offenders telephone victims and claimed to be police officers investigating fraud. They ask for the victims' card and bank details so they can check with the bank. They tell the victim they will send a courier to pick up their bank card and any cash they may have recently withdrawn, in case it is counterfeit. Further ploys include persuading the victim to make an online cash transfer.

Under no circumstances should bank details be given out to persons over the phone, no matter who they claim to be - the police or bank would never ask for your PIN or bank card.

In some cases the con men told the victim to hang up and call them back, so they can be reassured they are genuine. This is part of the con. The offender will keep the phone line open at their end so when the victim makes the phone call, they go straight back through to them. The advice is, if someone starts asking for your card or bank details hang up and call 101 to report it. If you are worried about any calls you have received or concerned that you bank account has been accessed, visit the bank to check your account.  See the police poster here.

Fuel Oil Theft

Price rises in recent years have resulted in more thefts of fuel oil.  One villager last year experienced a loss of this valuable oil and has warned other residents to be on their guard.

Other Previous Warnings

Side gates unbolted
- early in December last year, at least three houses in Brington Lane had their side gates unbolted - some of them fitted with bolts top and bottom.  Nothing was taken but someone might have been assessing how future theft may be carried out.  Our local Community Police were informed but if you see anything unusual, please contact them on 101 or any of the other numbers above.

Vehicle Security

The Police have previously issued advice to all residents in the Daventry area:

Please be aware that across Daventry, residents are continually suffering from opportunist offences where properties and vehicles have been left insecure.

Residents are reminded to secure all vehicles when not in use, even for the shortest periods of time. Please remove all valuables from your vehicles rather than hide them in the boot or glove box, activate alarm systems where fitted and use steering locks.  If you are able to remove the front display on stereo systems please do so when you leave your vehicle unattended.  Never leave your car running unattended; apart from possibly losing it, you may find the insurance company won't cover the loss.

There have been incidents in Whilton where houses have been broken into during the night and it would appear the specific purpose was looking for motor vehicle keys with the view to stealing vehicles parked out on driveways. It is known that people do leave their car keys in very accessible places, particularly overnight, which is not a good practice. It is strongly recommended that keys are taken to the bedroom overnight, whether it is ground floor or first floor, and if you have a burglar alarm, always set it when you go to bed at night.

A message for any horse or pony owners living in the Parish

It seems that horses and ponies are being marked, either by plaiting a small section of hair in the mane or tail or by painting a small cross on the animal. It is thought that this system of marking could be to identify an animal ready for stealing it within the next day or so. Please check animals regularly.

Fraud concerning telephone charges

The police have recently warned (4 Aug 2009) that a professional sounding man claiming to be from BT is ringing phone numbers which he finds in the phone directory and tells you that your bank has stopped the direct debit to BT.  He goes on to say that you are in arrears with your phone bill (usually a small amount like £9) and he needs your credit card details to settle the outstanding amount otherwise your phone will be cut off.  He demonstrates how easy it is to cut you off by asking you to hang up and then try to dial another number.  He’s cheating because he doesn’t hang up his end and simply puts you on hold: he subsequently rings you back to get the card details.  Obviously if he gets that information, you stand to lose a great deal more than £9!

Keep your house secure

Please be extra vigilant over the summer holiday season.   Remember that most burglaries happen quickly and whilst the house is empty.   Here is a check list to protect your property:

  • Secure all doors and close all windows
  • Lock garages and sheds
  • Lighting - leave an automatic time switch to operate on one or two lights during the evening or arrange for someone to come in and close curtains.
  • Burglar alarm - always set before leaving home
  • Tell neighbours - ask someone to keep an eye on your property
  • Close front and side gates
  • Report anything suspicious

Finally, don't forget that when you're either working or relaxing in your garden, the house and the cars parked on the drive are just as vulnerable.   Please ensure maximum security is maintained at all times.

Whilst there has been no reported crime recently in the village, be aware that it is happening in neighbouring villages.

Credit and Debit Card Fraud
There have been instances in the past where cards have been compromised at service stations.
The police advise people always to be cautious when using a card.  Don't give it to anyone else and put it in the machine yourself.  It's a good idea to cover the machine with your hand to prevent people reading the PIN over your shoulder and if you suspect there is a camera overlooking the machine, alert the authorities. Finally, always check your bank and credit card statements.  If you don't recognise an entry, contact the bank in the first instance and you can also get in touch with the police on the above number.

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