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                       Parish Council


 A new start:

Many of you will be aware that our Parish Council is about to change as only one of our present councillors - Jonathan Hanslip - decided to stand for re-election.

However, there were six others prepared to stand who together with Jonathan have now been elected to serve both the village and locks communities.  We thought it was important that we introduced ourselves to you prior to our taking office on 6th May and first public meeting to which you are of course invited on Wednesday 11th May at the village hall at 7pm.

    Jonathan Hanslip

    Keith Hiscock

    Jane Melling

    Randal Smith

    Mark Thomas

    Anne Gilbert

    Adrian Lee

It is important to acknowledge and thank the retiring members, several of whom have been on the Council for many years, for their efforts and individual contributions over that time.  We hope to go forward building and extending what has been done for the Parish since the Council was formed in 1894.

Our first responsibility will be to take up and complete some of the issues remaining from the agenda of our predecessors, while taking stock of our routine activities and financial reserves to meet our legal and community obligations.

However we want this to run alongside real dialogue about concerns, improvements, and opportunities that you, as parishioners, raise with us.

To this end we want to encourage you to contact us by ringing or writing or perhaps when you come across us, as one of our key objectives is to encourage and be part of parish activities old and new.  We are sure that over time new ways will evolve of ensuring that the parish council and residents, from right across the parish, share easy communication.  We are planning to give each of us responsibilities for making sure some aspect of parish living is effectively maximized.  We believe new possibilities to improve or preserve our experience of living in this parish will present themselves and we will consult with you before decisions are made whilst also taking into consideration the financial and practical implications.

We will continue to fund the village newsletter and use this as one method of keeping you informed.

We will of course be advised and facilitated by the Clerk, Sue Porter, herself a relative newcomer to Whilton, but clerk to three ether councils including Long Buckby.  For those perhaps unaware of the legal position where a decision is required by the parish council, the business related to it has to be listed on the published agenda. This is to ensure that residents know in advance what will be discussed at the meeting.  We remind you the agenda is posted on the Parish Council Web site, the village Web site and on both notice boards a week before each meeting.  So do raise issues with us or the clerk if possible prior to setting the agenda, and do come and use the slot for addressing us about them, and listen to the ensuing discussions.

We look forward to meeting, discussing and working with you during our term of office.

1st May 2016


The Parish Council has its own website.  This is where you can find all official documents pertaining to financial and regulatory matters plus meeting agendas, minutes etc.  The website can be found here.