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   Whilton Local History Society




The Next Meeting

Has yet to be arranged


The last meeting was on 16th November when the speaker was Helen Frost on "The Women's Land Army in Northamptonshire in the First World War."

The previous meeting was on 4th September when the speaker was Juris Trede on "Northamptonshire Airfields of the Second World War."


You'll be pleased to hear that the Local History Society has won the Community Award 2018 for the “Celebrating Courage” events of 2017. Congratulations to all involved.  See here for a photo of the winners of the Northamptonshire Heritage Awards on the staircase at Althorp with Earl Spencer on 6th July.  On the back row at the right are Anthea Hiscock and Nick Busby with Whilton’s plaque. (Click here for closer view)


Write-ups of previous history society meetings can be found below.

The Local History Society has its own website which can be found here.


Captain Henry Reynolds VC

There was a celebration in the village on 20th and 23rd September 2017 commemorating the courage and the life of Captain Henry Reynolds, who won the Victoria Cross in September 1917, having already won the Military Cross in the previous spring.

Captain Reynolds, known as "Harry" was one of ten children born in Whilton Locks where he grew up and lived his early married life.  He moved to East Haddon shortly before the First World War.  We shared the celebration and commemoration with East Haddon, whose main event will take place in December.

The full timetable of the September celebration can be found here.

Read more about Captain Reynolds and other World War One soldiers at the Local History Society website here.




Our local history expert, Anthea Hiscock, has written a book 'Living in the Gap' covering the history of Whilton during the period 1,000-2,000 AD.  If you would like a copy (281pp price £12.99) please ring Anthea on 01327 843319 or email her.  For an independent review of the book by local resident Tom Price, see here.






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