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     St Andrew's Church


Services in February
   4th 11.00 am   United Benefice Eucharist  (at Norton)                                               
  11th 11.00 am   Worship for All
  18th  9.15 am   Eucharist (at Norton)
 18th  11.00 am   Eucharist (at Brampton)
25th 6.00 pm   Evening Communion
Services in March
4th  3.00 pm   Service of Confirmation led by the Bishop of Peterborough (at East Haddon)
11th 11.00 am   Mothering Sunday Service
18th 9.15 am   Eucharist (at Norton)
25th 6.00 pm   Palm Sunday Eucharist
29th 7.00 pm   Maundy Thursday Eucharist (at Brampton)
30th 12.00 pm   Good Friday Worship for All (at Harlestone)
30th 1.00 pm   The Way of the Cross - walk from Little to Gt Brington then Service of the Passion

Quiz Night

There will be a quiz night on Friday 23rd March at 7.30 pm in the village hall including a homemade dessert during the interval.  Tickets cost £10 and are available from Philip Grant on 07962 270355 or email.  Please bring own drinks/snacks and if you'd like to contribute to the sweet trolley, you'll get a discount on the ticket price.  All proceeds to St Andrew's Church.

Church News

We welcomed the inauguration of our new rector, The Venerable David Painter at a service at Brington Church in September.  Although this is a part time role, David is already becoming a well-known face in the village.  If you have not met him yet I hope that you will have the opportunity to do so over the Christmas period.

Christmas will be a busy time for us.  We will be holding our Christmas Tree Festival again this year.  For those of you who are new to this tradition, many of the village groups and societies help to decorate the church with their own themed trees.  Over the past few years we have seen great efforts put in to this and some very original and eye-catching displays.

The trees will be on display on Saturday 16 December and we will be holding a coffee morning in church starting at 10.30.  Volunteers to help serve the coffee and to supply cakes and raffle prizes will be gratefully appreciated.  If you can help please let me know.  The trees are central feature in our candlelit Carol Service which will be at 6.00 on Sunday 17 December. We will be serving fizz and mince pies after the service to get everyone in the mood. 

As Christmas Day this year falls on a Monday, our main Christmas service this year will be a Communion at 6.00 on Christmas Eve.  I do hope that villagers will support our services at this special time.

Our contact details are:

Jon Brierley on 843380 or email

Linda Treacy on 07752 885900 or email

Jon & Linda, Churchwardens


A Christmas message from David Painter

After one of the sunniest and warmest autumns that I can remember in recent years, the winter really now has set in, and we are all conscious of grey cold mornings, and darkness descending earlier and earlier in the afternoon.  No wonder that our ancestors, in the dim and distant past, saw the need for a festival characterised by cheerfulness and fun, to lighten everyone’s spirits and relieve for a while the gloom of the mid-winter days.  They timed this festival towards the end of December, just after the shortest day, so that they could celebrate the fact that, however slowly, the days were beginning to lengthen and eventually spring would come once again.

This is partly what we celebrate at Christmas - the triumph of light over darkness, and warmth over coldness and despair.  Yet we celebrate a lot more than that, for Christmas speaks to us profoundly of a greater light even than that of the sun.  It was in the birth of Jesus that God showed us his love and care for the world, and demonstrated most powerfully the fact that he does not rule over that world from a lofty distance, but rather comes and lives among us, and shares in our successes and our sorrows, in our needs and our anxieties, in our hopes and in our fears.  Christmas is indeed a celebration of light, but, more than that, it is a celebration of love, and I pray that you will know something of God’s love and peace in your hearts and in your homes at this most holy season.

I have so much enjoyed getting to know many of you in recent weeks, and I look forward to being of service to you in any way that I can in the coming new year.  May God greatly bless you in all that lies ahead for you.

Your sincere friend and Rector,

David Painter  (438392 or email)


 History of the Church

Dedicated to St Andrew, the parish church is one of six within the Spencer Benefice of the Diocese of Peterborough. Built in the 12th/13thcentury the only original parts of the building remaining are the base of the tower and parts of the nave. The remainder of the nave and the upper parts of the tower were built in the later part of the 18th century. A ring of 6 bells was given in 1777 by the patron of the time ~ William Lucas Rose ~ who also paid for their installation and the building work. In 1779 he also gave a gift of communion vessels which are still in use today.

Considerable restoration work was carried out in 1878/9 when the chancel was reconstructed and the vestry and organ aisles added. Most of the existing windows were also restored. The tower and nave roofs were restored in 1957/8.

The east window contains the only stained glass in the building – the subject is Christ’s Crucifixion and dates from 1878. It is believed to be the work of Burlerison and Gryll – the purple/blue colouring being typical of their work and the stained glass designs used based on those of Germany and the Netherlands around 1500.

The Reredos behind the altar is a picture in mosaic depicting the Last Supper – a copy of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci, with the inscription beneath “Do this in remembrance of me”. The mosaic continues on either side depicting on one side ears of wheat, and on the other a grapevine.

The church clock is unusual as it was originally a one handed clock divided into ¼ hours and therefore does not have 60 minutes.

The church is surrounded by a churchyard of 0.649 acres with lovely country views looking eastwards. The earliest known gravestone is that of Thomas Embry Woolwinder who died in 1687.

In April 1994 the 6 bells and the frame were removed. The bells were taken to Whitechapel foundry in London, recast, and 2 new bells added to make a ring of 8.Tenor weight 13-1-5.

All the bells have inscriptions on them. The treble having “The Rose Bell, in memory of William Lucas Rose who gave the original six bells in 1777”. The new bells were rung for the first time on August 13th for a village wedding and were dedicated by the Bishop of Peterborough at a special service on September 29th1994.

The Bellringers practise on Monday evenings 7.45 to 9.00 pm.  Anyone from 10 years can learn to ring – contact Justin Baker on 01327 844263 (e-mail) or Janet Bowers on 01327 842851 (email).

Visiting bands of ringers please contact the tower correspondent Janet on 01327 842851 (email).

St Andrew's is a small church with a friendly atmosphere which welcomes you to any of the services.

Special services include Pet Blessing, Christingle and others which rotate around the Benefice.