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Recent additions on other pages - A new speaker for the Gardeners' Association October meeting.  The Summer full colour village newsletter and previous issues now going back to the first edition in 1987.  Draft minutes of the 13th July Parish Council meeting.


DACT -  have issued an urgent appeal for new volunteer drivers - numbers have halved since the pandemic.  They provide a crucial transport service to the elderly and vulnerable in our area and the service is under threat until they recruit more drivers.  For more information, see here.


Family Harvest Festival - will now take place on Sunday 9th October at 9.30 am in St Andrew's Church.  Everyone welcome - any donations of tinned, packet or bottled foods would be most welcome and will go to local food banks.


Pop-up Pub - will open again for business (and pleasure) on Friday 14th October and again on Friday 9th December in the village hall.  The usual barrel of beer, wines and soft drinks available.  Kids (with parents) allowed in "Nappy Hour" from 6.00 to 7.00 pm.


Whilton Social Club - every member of the parish is automtically a member - see here for forthcoming attractions.


Anthea and Keith - left the village for pastures new on Friday 9th September.  We are very sorry to have left them but wish them well for the future and you can read their farewell letter here.


Volunteer(s) required - With the recent departure of Keith Hiscock from the Whilton Parish Council Team, we now have a vacancy on the Council.  The Parish Council meet every 2 months in the Village Hall in Whilton, so the task should not be too onerous, but the decisions made by the Council directly affect the well being of the Parish residents and the community across Whilton and Whilton Locks.  So anyone on the Council plays a key part in that process.  So if you are interested in joining the team, or want to find out further details, please contact the Parish Council Clerk at, or you can discuss with myself at Rose Briar in Main Street.  More than happy to have a chat with anyone interested.

Spinney Maintenance Work Coordinator

Another key role that was filled by Keith was that of the Spinney Maintenance Work Coordinator.  The Spinney is a small nature type reserve towards the bottom of the village that was gifted to the village some years ago, and it now comes under the management of the Parish Council.  Throughout the year, there are various maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken, such as clearing or rebuilding paths and walkways through the area, or clearing fallen debris, and all of this is undertaken by a team of dedicated willing volunteers from the village, all of whom were co-ordinated by Keith, who could then report to the Parish Council on progress and any challenges faced.

So once again, we are looking for someone to take on this role and help out with the Spinney Maintenance Activities.  It may be possible to combine this role with the Parish Council vacancy, or to keep them as 2 separate roles, but if you are interested in finding out further details, please contact the Parish Council Clerk at, or you can discuss with myself at Rose Briar in Main Street.  More than happy to have a chat with anyone interested.

Randal,  Chair of the Whilton Parish Council


Whilton village bake off - Many thanks to everyone who participated on 9th July in the Bake Off and especially to Jane for hosting us at her beautiful house and garden and also to Ros for running the raffle.  Everyone enjoyed the setting and sampling the many and varied cakes plus the event raised over £300 for the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund so thank you for your generosity.  Hopefully photos of the occasion will one day be available here.


Village Hall - is available for hire for meetings or social occasions where you might need a little more space.  It has seating for just over 40 people and has one main room, toilets and a small kitchen.  It is used by the Pre-School in term time, and by the Parish Council and other village organisations for meetings and social events.  Current charges are £8 per hour.  If you're interested in hiring the hall, contact the Booking Clerk Mary Kane on 07922 478633 (email) or Sarah Hardman on 07548 688045 (email).  The full standard conditions of hire can be seen here and you can read the history of the hall here.  Read more about the hall here.


Bus service - was reintroduced last October (see here for details) but is again suspended until further notice.



Aperture Photography Group - meets on alternate Thursdays each month and provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about photography.  For more information, contact Neil on 844182 (email) or look at their excellent website here.


VE Day Anniversary Celebrations - on 8th May 2020, the village celebrated the 75th anniversay of VE Day and various residents took photos of the day.  Click here to see the collection which had some late additions in March 2022.


Faster Broadband - Gigaclear has installed Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology which promises to provide much faster connections - they have mail-dropped their offers to each house but you can read more here.  You can test your actual current connection speed here.


Waste and recycling centre opening times - See here for the latest update.  Some sites have queuing issues on certain days and more especially following a closure day.  Customers are asked to visit the sites after 10.00 am and preferably later in the day when the sites are likely to have more capacity.


Weekly yoga (Ashtanga) sessions - pre pandemic used to take place every Monday evening from 6.00 to 7.00 pm in the village hall with a qualified instructor.  The instructor’s fees were £7.50 per session plus £1 per session for hiring the hall.  Any new people got a free taster session first time.  If you’re interested to know when, or if, the sessions will restart, please contact Jane Busby on 07974 800196.


Daventry & District Over Fifties Forum - regularly hold meetings to interest people with more free time on their hands.  Their website can be found here.


Garden bonfires - can easily cause a nuisance to neighbours in the village.  Please bin or compost as much waste as you're able before considering a fire but if this is essential, ensure the material is as dry as possible and choose a day when the wind direction will minimise the nuisance to neighbours and road users.


Local History Society – won the Community Award 2018 for the “Celebrating Courage” events of 2017. Congratulations to all involved.  See here for a photo of the winners of the Northamptonshire Heritage Awards on the staircase at Althorp with Earl Spencer on 6th July.  On the back row at the right are Anthea Hiscock and Nick Busby with Whilton’s plaque. (Click here for closer view)


DACT - Daventry Area Community Ttransport is a one-stop-shop for all your needs relating to transport and mobility.  See here for their website and here for their latest news.


The Northamptonshire Association for the Blind - has an extensive  array of gadgets etc to make life easier for people with poor eyesight.  Their Mobile Sight Centre visits Daventry (near the Mobility Shop) - the next date has yet to be arranged.  To see their website, click here.


Parish Council - now has its own website.  It's the place to find all official documents pertaining to financial and regulatory matters plus meeting agendas, minutes etc


Parking at Long Buckby station - parking charges apply at the railway station.  The cost is £6.00 per day (last checked 1st September 2022) - details here.


West Northants Council - have introduced a ‘Resident Welcome Pack’ on their website.  The aim is to provide new residents in our District with an initial information point signposting to basic information but is also useful for existing residents


Whilton Warblers - performed a concert in the Church some time ago and photos of the singers rehearsing can be found here.  If you fancy joining the group which meets during term time on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm in the Church, ring Linda on 07752 885900.  You don't need to read music or to have had singing lessons, you can be any age and the idea is just to have fun.


Right to Roam - some people seem to consider all the fields around Whilton to be totally free to public access because of the government's legislation regarding 'the right to roam.'  This is not the case - the Act refers only to mapped areas of mountain, moor, heath, downland and registered common land - none of these apply around Whilton and you should stay on the public footpaths.  See here for more details of the Act.


The Whilton Bake Off - was held in August 2013 and was very successful.  There were lots of entries and £185 was raised for the Air Ambulance Service.  For Lucy's full write-up of the occasion, click here.  To see Richard Oliver's photos, see here.